Flying Journeys

by Kintsukuroi

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Hi, my name is Jack Strosser. I am a good friend of Jake's. This is my first venture into the world of ambient music and it was something I enjoyed creating greatly. I put a lot of my own feelings into this music over the course of many months of unscheduled music creating.

The name Kintsukuroi is something I really like the idea of. It's a Japanese word for when broken ceramics are put back together with gold, making them more beautiful and amazing in the process. This continues on with the idea that people who may have felt broken before are can become stronger and more beautiful from their struggles.

I called this EP Flying Journeys because it just felt good as a title and it reminds me of Laputa, which I love.

I hope you enjoy my music, that would be great. But if you don't, that's just as okay as well.

The Bridge of Khazad Dum - Howard Shore

Special Thanks
Jacob Schwartz for putting this up on Mt. Thunder Records; also for being the most amazing friend in the world.

Alan Watts for the endless words of re-imagining the world and myself, and for always supplying some hope and power.

Howard Shore for making me feel so happy.

Grandma for buying me a keyboard.


released March 4, 2014

Jack Strosser - Music
Alan Watts - Words and Inspiration



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